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Let’s empower female entrepreneurs

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Hi, I’m Conny

I’m a self-made entrepreneur in the human resources. I founded my first company, Accent Jobs, when I was already 31. Since then, that first-born” has grown into the biggest HR player across Europe.

I’m also a positive change-maker for women in business. As a head-hunter who brings more diversity into boards and as an investor in female-led companies.

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Resilient women

Having seen too many female entrepreneurs throw in the towel due to the pandemic, I set myself a challenge. I decided to write a book based on interviews with 10 really international, really impactful, leading female entrepreneurs who are determined to have a lasting impact in a post-pandemic world.

“The world needs you to shine brightly.”



My addiction. Thanks to the constant dedication of a wonderful staff and the buy-and-build strategy of Naxicap and Bain CapitalAccent Jobs has bloomed into the House of HR, a holding company encompassing over 10 entities specialising in temporary employment and outsourcing. For many years, I also served as a mentor in The Birdhouse, supporting young start-ups and entrepreneurs in the complex yet fun world of business. I am also an angel investor for some promising start-ups.


Smart companies have diversity on their team and board. That’s why, with Stella P. – Stella Polaris or pole star – we search for the right external director with the right profile and expertise to help ambitious companies grow.

Female funding

We Are Jane is a European investment fund, primarily for women, by women. We support companies with prominent female leadership that are eager and ready to take that leap forward.

Coffee time!

Coffee is always a good idea. And so is reaching out. I’m here to answer any questions you may have. No matter how young or mature your company may be.