“It’s your turn!”

Dream Dare Do with Conny

My book Dream Dare Do contains powerful stories from around the world. Twelve women and one man who had a dream, dared to be bold and took action. Did they inspire you? Great! You’re halfway there. Now it’s time for you to act on it!

Why this platform?

Too often, I see and hear all kinds of excuses for putting off an entrepreneurial dream – especially from women entrepreneurs: there’s just one more training course they need to do, just one person who’s voiced some doubts… Stop it! Dream big, dare to take a leap and do it today!


Does this sound familiar?

I have an entrepreneurial dream, but…

  • where do I start?
  • is my idea financially viable?
  • what business grants are available to start-ups?
  • how much does it cost to employ someone?

I have my own business, but…

  • is there someone I can brainstorm with to develop my product/service for other markets/applications?
  • does anyone have some fresh marketing ideas?
  • am I ready for a Board, and what can I expect from it?
  • what do I need to consider if I want to go international?

‘Dream Dare Do with Conny’

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Start from something that’s tried and tested.” This is one of the most important lessons you learn as an entrepreneur. And that’s why I decided to create this platform on LinkedIn, where I have an active community of 15,000 connections.

“Dream Dare Do with Conny” is a LinkedIn group where I want to bring dreamers and doers together.

What can you expect?

  • Interaction with a committed community of entrepreneurs at all stages of their company, investors, managers and leaders worldwide.
  • A weekly question about a hot topic.
  • A weekly update (must-read, must-listen, must-watch) on entrepreneurship, female funding or diversity.

How do you join?

Step 1

Visit my LinkedIn group and click on “Request membership”.

Step 2

If you meet the criteria, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail.

Step 3

Take part in discussions, make a constructive contribution and give useful feedback.

Step 4

Do you face a specific problem or hurdle to lift your company to the next level? Submit your query using this form. In that way, we can help you as efficiently as possible.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… become a member!

This platform is not intended for purely commercial messages and will be moderated with that in mind.